The Need to Lead.

God says, “Rebuild the road! Clear away the rocks and stones so my people can return from captivity.” -ISAIAH 57:14-

Wow! God is good. Last time I wrote to you all, I was thanking you and praising God for everything that he'd done for us in 2017. But! I am so pleased to report that already this year he is exceeding our expectations. We are seeing great doors of opportunity open up almost every week for us to make an investment into young and aspiring leaders all over Europe. Seeing people come alive in God and fulfilling their purpose is something that I never get tired of seeing.

The more time I spend traveling from country to country ministering to people, the more URGENCY I sense for this generation to take ahold of its purpose. It's no joke, the days of large-scale Christian influence on society across Europe seem to be further and further behind us. Gone are the days where young people have a default understanding of what it is to know God and have a connection to His Church. It appears, the 'Hope of World' continues to be demoted to just an another community group or ancient ideology. Unfortunately, some of the more recent data tells an alarming story about the decline of Christianity and the paints a less than optimistic forecast of its future too.

But in typical fashion, before my heart grieves too long for lost and hurting people, KNOWING that the only key to true freedom is found in Christ, I see that over and over again God also holds true to his promises. I can see an amazing REMNANT of God's people scattered throughout the nations. People who are incredible beacons of light with the potential to become landscape shifters and game changers. Young leaders with the hand of God on their lives, ready to serve and lead God's children back home from captivity. I've just come back after spending 4 days in Macedonia with a group of young people passionate about God. They are so hungry to see God move and build His house despite the economic and political challenges. They are so talented and filled with potential - I KNOW that this nation has a bright future, especially if they can be equipped to succeed as they lead! MORE THAN EVER, God's Church across the world depends on people who are prepared to answer the call and see the NEED TO LEAD! LEAD to what? LEAD a generation to freedom in Christ and to build God's Kingdom here on earth!

Having founded a ministry called 'LIFT LEADERS', naturally I often get asked "What is Leadership?". Whilst I enjoy this question, because it strikes the very topic I am passionate about, there's always an element of challenge answering it in a way that does it justice. Not because it's a difficult concept to grasp but rather, it's the past experiences that people have with leadership which colours their perspective in a way can sometimes be delicate to navigate.

When it comes to the challenge (which I view as an opportunity) we face with the Church in Europe, God spoke to me out of ISAIAH 54:14. I feel this scripture really articulates the picture of what we should be doing as leaders in God's kingdom. This generation needs an uprising of leaders who are prepared to pay the cost! Selfless leaders who understand the purpose, not just the position of who they are called to be.

I've discovered that it's easy for people to "deconstruct" God's Word and be critical about how His church functions (we've all been there). It's not hard to say what we should be doing better and identify where the faults are. But NOW is the time for people to stand-up and REBUILD/RECONSTRUCT THE ROAD! Focus less on the obstacles in way and more spend more time focusing on CLEARING THE PATH, so that people can find their way to freedom! In fact, If we don't get serious about enabling this generation to do this soon, the forecasts will become bleaker and bleaker! This is the function of a "LEADER", this is the hallmark of a world changer. Not to be someone who can just see the need but to be a person who responds to THE NEED TO LEAD! A true LEADER is someone who has the ability to LEAD others to a place they may not have otherwise made it to.


Right up until the summer we will be busy traveling and ministering all over Denmark, Wales, Germany and for the first time ever, France!

We'd so love to have you with us in May or June at our annual "Lift Leaders Summit".

It will be a powerful time! With Ps Sunjay Stevenson (iSEE Church), Thomas Christensen (Hope4Europe), Tobias Karcher (FCG Frankfurt) across 2 events in Copenhagen and Frankfurt. Register today! CLICK HERE.


This is the heart and soul of Lift Leaders, to be a driving force in equipping the church to raise young leaders. We are fully committed to this mission and repeatedly we are reminded of just how huge this need is across this amazing part of the world. We have no shortage of opportunities to make a measurable change in the European Church, only a shortage of resources to make them all a reality.

We are constantly rediscovering that the demand for investment in this area goes far beyond what we alone can do in our own strength. If you have a heart to see the next generation of world changing leaders be equipped, would you pray and ask God how you could support us in this crucial work? If you'd like some more information on our vision and plan for resources CLICK HERE.

To financially support us by giving a one off donation or to set-up monthly automatic giving:


- Many doors of opportunity have opened for us to minister into the lives of young people all over Europe in churches, Bible colleges, schools and different outreach ministries.

- We are seeing young people make first time decisions to receive Christ. 10 in the last 3 weeks.

- We are helping pioneer vital new youth ministry networks in 2 countries.

- Working directly with over 40 young leaders from many different churches across 9 countries.


- We are believing to see 200 churches growing through leadership activation by the end of 2020.

- Preparation and registrations for the Lift Leaders Summit 2018

- For wisdom and fruitfulness as we partner with young leaders and churches.

- Miracles of provision and resources for the ministry work. We are believing for 3500 Euro a month.

- Health, protection and provision for my family.



Lift Leaders.

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