Despite their best attempts!

Jesus fully realized all that was going to happen to him, so he stepped forward to meet them. “Who are you looking for?” he asked.

“Jesus the Nazarene,” they replied. “I am he,”Jesus said. (Judas, who betrayed him, was standing with them.) As Jesus said “I am he,” they all drew back and fell to the ground! JOHN 18:4-6

Sometimes I feel like Jesus cuts quite a confusing figure...I mean, what a complex task balancing the "humility" of being human but then still being King of Universe. Of course I understand WHO he is, but it's a very familiar feeling to be unsure of WHY he does what he does. Then, when I look further in scripture, the WAY he goes about handling some situations baffles me more!

I often wish that he would answer my prayers the way I wanted him to (which is usually instantly and dramatically) BUT this is not the case, some of the most valuable things I've gone through in my life have taken longer and looked differently to I what I assumed they would but nevertheless Jesus has never once not proved himself powerful!

The uniqueness and geniusness of God's salvation plan for mankind is unrivalled. It is game changing, irrefutable and creative beyond any other story you've ever heard. He laid his life down for us, meaning that no one could take it from him even when they tried! (John 10:18). So often I hear of Jesus being talked about in a way that could be compared to a 'soft little lamb' who just wants us to turn the other cheek and keep forgiving and loving people who wrong us.

Sure, Jesus could be gentle. But he has never been powerless! Everything that he was inflicted with was by his choice and obedience! In John 18 we see just a brief snapshot of his power; the very moment where he is to hand his life over to death he sends a subtle reminder of his strength, and his seeming demise is only happening because it's apart of God's bigger picture. JUST THE MENTION OF HIS NAME BRINGS THE GUARDS TO THE GROUND! The men who were sent to control, subdue and arrest Jesus were totally overthrown just at the revealing of his identity!

No matter what opposition you are facing, even if you feel like they are winning, God is in control! He knows the plan for your life and even if it ALLOWS some frustration and pain he is working on a bigger plan of salvation for you and his Kingdom! Just because Jesus doesn't appear to be resisting your current situation, doesn't mean that he isn't powerful enough to redeem it in his right time!

If you are staying in step with his leading for your life, you are winning - even in the face of what feels like losing! KEEP GOING!!!

Some praise and prayer points I'd like to share with you:


- We have busy itinerary with great opportunities to see people activated.

- Wales Youth Camp was a powerful time of Impact in young lives.

- We are entering into season of breakthrough and miracles.


- More lives transformed and believers activated as we travel and minister over the next month.

- For wisdom as we develop resources for Lift Leaders and plan 2018.

- Preparation for the Lift Leaders Summit in 2018

- Health, protection and provision for my family.

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