“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock." Matthew 7:24-25

"Immovable" ɪˈmuːvəb(ə)l


1. Not able to be moved.

2. (of a person) Not yielding to argument or pressure.

We've just come off our first European summer holiday as family and it's been a different vibe than what I'm used to. I'm still adjusting to the fact that "Summer" here is less than 30 degrees and that it's in the middle of the year rather than book-ending it. For Helena (my Wife), it's what she has grown up with and for me it is still something I am learning to embrace! As much as our experience of holidays and summer differs, there is one thing that I'm glad we have in common and that is we both dislike camping! Call me a millennial, but my idea of camping involves 5 stars and a breakfast buffet!

I know there are bigger issues in the world to lament but as much as my parents tried to acculturate me, I've just had too many unfortunate experiences with freezing wake-ups in a paper thin sleeping bag or sleeping on a soaking wet pillow when it rained torrentially for days! Not to mention the hassle of setting and packing up tents, tarps, ropes, poles and poor excuses for a "portable" shower in the scorching sun.

The other day I was pondering what it meant to build our lives on the "Rock" and I don't know about you, but in this era of mindless, 'populist' politics where common sense is thrown out the window to bow to whatever noisy minority thinks is fair and truthful in view of their hurt feelings and offences. Truth has seemed to become very subjective and political correctness shifts with every new wave of equitable sentiment. The problem with all of that is, that truth is real and sometimes the truth hurts!!!

In Matthew 7, it makes a comparison between building on the rock vs sand. Sand seems like a nice idea because it's comfortable and easy to work with, but it has a major flaw - IT MOVES! Whilst Rock is hard and confronting, you can can utilise it's strength and stability to build something that will be secure and last a long time! For a moment, I was taken back to my camping memories when I've tried to put up a tent but only to be frustrated when hammering a peg into rocky ground. It used to bend and break them unless we could move to a sandier spot where the pegs were easier to drive in.

I started to think... "why would Jesus ask us to build our lives on something that is difficult to latch on to? Something that is hard and harsh to deal with?" But then I heard him break my train of thought by whispering to me, "Tents are temporary dwellings, but houses are permanent living spaces ". Of course! God promised us that his Yoke is easy and his burden is light! (Matt 11:30). So I picked up the phone and rang my sister in-law (who works in the building design industry) and asked her about the mechanics of building a house on rock verses regular soil or sand.

To my joy, she went on to tell me that if you have the right equipment and amount of patience, designers say that it easier and more preferable to build a structure on rock. You just have to make sure you remove all the soil first! The quality of the foundation and longevity is far greater than on a sandy location. Many buildings have had to be knocked down because the foundation shifts, but very rarely does it happen to buildings constructed on rock, and when the building is bigger, the less room for error there is!

Sometimes as leaders and believers we get tempted to go looking for special keys or secrets to build our lives and ministries on. It could be a new book or social trend that seems to grab the attention of people, it might even be a new expression of connecting to the humanity around us. These things can sometimes be really well meaning, but as proven generation after generation, the Word of God is our only guaranteed source of immovable truth! Society might say that we are building our lives on old methods and a book that is outdated and obsolete but for those who have really encountered truth of God's Word, we know it is a ROCK! His Word and it's principles are immovable and have stood the test of time. Sure, rocks are old, but more often than not it's because they have outlasted every other surrounding material!

In such times of subjective truth, where public opinion shifts like sand - usually depending on which voice shouts the loudest or makes the most "sense" at the time! Now, more than ever we need to lead and build our lives on the Rock of God's Word! We need to cling to it, live by it and apply it to our lives for when the wind and the waves come we will stand firm! Remove all the soil, as we build on his foundation, sweep away all compromise and insecurity and hold on to the ROCK!


The sessions from the "2017 LIFT LEADERS SUMMIT" are now available online!

Also, in 2018 the "LIFT LEADERS SUMMIT" is heading to 2 locations.

- May 25-26: Copenhagen, Denmark.

- June 2nd: Frankfurt, Germany.

Some praise and prayer points I'd like to share with you:


- Joel's visa application has been approved

- Full itinerary for the next 2 months

- Have recently seen some incredible miracles of healing and salvation in young people

- Fantastic trip to Australia in regards to ministry and connection


- Running a youth camp in Wales this month (believing to start a powerful movement in the nation).

- More lives transformed and believers activated as we travel and minister over the next month.

- For wisdom as we develop resources for Lift Leaders and plan 2018.

- Health, protection and provision for my family.

- Especially needing provision of finances.

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