"But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations."

Psalm 33:11

I love it when a plan comes together! There's something so satisfying about seeing a problem or situation that needs to be fixed or improved, finding a solution then watching the process unfold and come to completion. Recently, Helena and I moved into very small room at some accommodation that we have been given for the time being. We are so incredibly thankful for the generous offer of being able to stay there. It has been an immense blessing for us to be situated so close to church and the place where our ministry is being based from. However, when we accepted the offer we knew that it would be real challenge for us to fit a completely functioning residence into what would be considered a large bedroom. Nevertheless, Helena and I dreamed and schemed about how we would make every square millimetre in this room count.

We had to plan out where each piece of furniture, shoe rack, coat hanger, lamp, bin, clothes rack and book would go (with extreme precision). We tried countless configurations, rotating furniture around, stacking things on top of each other, "modifying" the couch and hanging whatever we could off the wall. FINALLY, after a week or two the room clicked! Now, we are miraculously and comfortably living a happy existence! If this is how my family feels about "life hacking" a broom closet passionate our father in heaven must be about seeing the establishment of his family across the earth!

The Bible tells us that God wishes that no one should perish (2 Peter 3:9) AND that he has a plan and purpose for us to prosper (Jer 29:11). I believe that he truly has a plan for Europe and he wants it to be accomplished!! The greatest days of his Church are still yet to come and I get excited about how we live in such a time where the Gospel so desperately needs to preached (lived) and God's house needs to flourish! In order for that be fulfilled, he's going to need all us to be activated in our destiny and purpose! Speaking of plans: We would love to invite you to our first ever LIFT LEADERS SUMMIT. Our heart is to see young and aspiring leaders activated in their calling and purpose, we believe that you'll be throughly blessed by Ps Sunjay's ministry at this event. Make sure you register at today to secure your place!

Some praise and prayer points I'd like to share with you:


- We are all settling in to life here in Denmark

- Short and long term leadership projects are being established

- First ever Lift Leaders Summit planning is in motion.


- Calendar to fill up with the right connections/appointments

- Continued provision of Finances

- Health and Protection for the family

- A powerful Lift Leaders Summit

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