Hello 2017!

I know it was 3 weeks ago but I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you've had a terrific start to the new year and that you are expectant for what God has in store for you in 2017. It's recently just ticked over the month mark since our feet hit the ground here in Europe and we are so thankful for the nice break we've had over the Christmas period but we also have been so in awe of God and how he's made a way for us to start settling into life here in Denmark.

The more I travel around Europe I sense that there is a real hunger for God to move, and equally so there is a strong desire in his church to see the next generation raised up. At the moment, I am reading through the book of Genesis again and I am so stirred by how our God cares about how each generation responds to his word. His heart is that we would walk in what he has promised us. Just like what he promised Abraham, Isaac and then Jacob about possessing the promised land and having countless descendants, it's the same with our generation, there are promises that God is waiting to fulfil, and I believe he is eager to not let it pass us by! It's time, he is ready to pour out an incredible generational inheritance!

Aside from some time off over the holidays, it has been a really solid start for Lift Leaders. Over the end of December and the month of January, we've had the chance to spend time at the Jesus Saves Youth & Youth Adults conference in Germany where Churches and Youth ministries gathered from all over the country to encounter God. A massive thank-you to Sami Schneider and the team for generously hosting us, they are genuinely making a huge difference in the nation. Also, we've had the immense privilege of ministering for Ps Linda Wilson at EuroLife Church in Aarhus, Denmark. Last week we had the opportunity to minister in several churches throughout South Wales and before the month is finished, we will have conducted a training workshop with the Youth leadership team at Thisted Pinsekirken and preaching on Sunday at Impact Church in Roskilde. It's a great start to the year but we are believing that this is just the beginning of a great work that God is going to do across Europe. We are excited!!

Some praise and prayer points that I'd like to share with you:


- We've had a strong start to the year with many opportunities to minister

- We have found somewhere to live in Roskilde near Copenhagen (where we need to be)

- There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to Lift Leaders and many exciting opportunities in the pipeline


- Continued favour and wisdom in establishing our ministry and network

- Continued provision in setting up an ideal home base

- The right ministry opportunities and resources to line up

Thank-you so much for your prayers and support, it means the world to us as we continue to believe that the great era of God's church is upon us all through out Europe. The best days are truly ahead for those of us who are in Christ Jesus!


Lift Leaders.

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