Founder + Pastor + Communicator

Starting from humble beginnings in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, Joel Bagnall "fell into" Youth Ministry while pursuing a fledgling music career. After some powerful encounters with God, Joel found himself on a leadership journey over the next 10 years which eventually resulted in him running one of the most significant Youth Ministries in the State of Queensland. This journey spanned all the way from pioneering a grassroots schools ministry to developing a Citywide multi-site youth ministry and a Statewide outreach movement seeing thousands of decisions for Christ.

Having been "believed in and raised" by leaders himself, Joel has a passion to see the raising of young and aspiring leaders impact the Globe through the "local church", especially in the region of Europe.  


A passionate communicator with a strong prophetic edge, the hallmark of Joel's ministry is an authentic desire to see the power of God change and shape people's lives. Using humor and an easy relatability, Joel brings clear and faith-filled insights from the word of God. He firmly believes that people don't just change through skillful preaching and pastoring but through encountering the presence of God.


Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark with his beautiful wife Helena and two sons Mattias and Elliot, they are Pastoring at Københavns & Lyngby Frikirke whilst leading the Lift Leaders Ministry which they founded in 2016 across Europe and Beyond.


 Youth Pastor + Communicator

Tom Jacobsen is born and raised in the capital of the Faroe Islands and has been a youth pastor in City Church Tórshavn since 2012 and is also apart of the leadership there. Tom, together with his wife and a handful of people have pioneered a revolutionary youth ministry right in the heart of their city which continues to be an inspiration to churches all over the Faroe Islands. Tom's burning passion is to preach the good news of the Gospel to young people and wherever his feat finds him. Known for preaching in an interactive and lively way with strong leading from the Holy Spirit, he is passionate about God seeing people stepping into their God-given potential and to empower them to spread the hope of Jesus. Tom is married to Guðrið and has two amazing kids, Bjarta and Filip.



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